Alfredo Toro Hardy is the Venezuelan Scholar Diplomat with Tough Advice for International Relations Problems

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The Honorable Ambassador Alfredo Toro Hardy has been named the “scholar diplomat” and for good reason.  He’s authored more than 20 publications on international relations and politics and has lectured on the same at several universities.  His extensive background serving as Ambassador from Venezuela to many countries (under a few different rulers) provided him with a solid statesman background and a nimble approach to service. (See bio below)

Toro Hardy shared with Mary Kurek, Producer and Host of Frontrunners Innovate words of wisdom based on his latest book, “America’s Two Cold Wars:  From Hegemony to Decline?” He shared some of the challenges he encountered through his years of service, his viewpoints on current US-based relations related to China and Russia, and what he feels are the lessons we (and stakeholders in general) haven’t quite learned regarding diplomacy.  He also states his wishes to partner with like-minds in Latin America.

Joining Kurek as co-host is Michael Rowan, international political consultant and partner, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions.

Meet Ambassador Alberto Toro Hardy.  (43-minute video)

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Special thanks to Co-host Michael Rowan, International Political Consultant & Partner, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions.


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