New Opportunities – Frontrunner Spots for Nonprofits and Businesses

In Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

While we at Frontrunners Development, Inc. work at sourcing Frontrunners in places where impact potential meets a good fit with a particular business development project we’ve got going, we know our focus may leave many out of the spotlight who are generally doing great work.  We’d like to make it easier for nonprofits, charities, founders/innovators, consultants, and speakers/authors to step under our Frontrunners banner and be seen.

Effective June 1, 2022, we’re offering 2 new fee-based opportunities to garner a “spot” on Frontrunners Innovate.  Our spots aren’t what you’d think of as traditional advertisements, and we won’t be labeling them as such on our platform.  Video-content-driven and complete with supporting photos and links, these spots are very similar to our usual content.  And, they’ll be treated as usual when they are circulated to our subscribers and throughout our community channels.  It’s just a way to get meaningful information on your offering out to a global impact-oriented audience and very reasonably cover some of our time and expenses in facilitating this bit of “viz.”

You’ll find the details here.  And the same information is available on the site menu by clicking “Your Own Spotlight,” as well.

But, first, if you’ve not already done so, please subscribe to our mailing list.  We auto-send new postings out each week, so, you’ll get your “spot” by email.  You can subscribe here.

Thanks for all you do for others.  We look forward to working with you.  Happy Frontrunning!