Christopher Turner of Emergicon Helps Patients and the First Responder Community

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Christopher Turner is the Founder and CEO of EMERGICON and EMERGIFIRE based in Texas. His background in the finance side of healthcare moved Christopher to create solutions for both patient and the under-supported first responders who deliver life-saving care. In this episode of Frontrunners Innovate, you’ll meet Christopher who will share his story and also hear from Co-Host, Drew Aversa, author, speaker, and Director of Government Affairs at First Responder Wellness in California. Drew’s experience as a first responder adds perspective to this important conversation about the challenges the community faces and why.

Meet Christopher Turner:

Christopher Turner’s Short Bio:

Christopher is the Founder and CEO of EMERGICON and EMERGIFIRE. He started EMERGICON in 2006 with a two-person team and a big vision to reduce the burden of lifesaving care. In 2019, he launched EMERGIFIRE to provide a related service and experience for fire departments. Christopher is a Texas native, published author, and seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare finance.

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Special Thanks to our Co-Host, Drew Aversa:

Drew Aversa, Director of Government Affairs for First Responder Wellness. (Speaker/Author/Consultant)


Bio: Drew Aversa is the Director of Government Affairs for First Responder Wellness in California, a leading behavioral health trauma treatment program for firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical services personnel, dispatchers, and others who serve in emergency response. Aversa began his career working for the nation’s largest private ambulance provider and earned his badge as a professional firefighter/paramedic. Alongside responding to countless incidents, he also instructed at the community college. After a career ending injury in 2011, he was forced to retire from the fire department and navigated a career change completing a BS in management and executive-MBA while working in business development roles. Aversa was a speaker at the first behavioral health conference for California firefighters given his advocacy on mental health in a time when this was not openly discussed, and worked closely with NBC News investigative journalist Liz Wagner who conducted the first survey of firefighters on PTSD that gained national attention. Additionally, he served a two-year appointment on the California Committee for Persons with Disabilities. Alongside his work helping first responders, Aversa is a sought after leadership keynote speaker for conferences and author of a Top 100 Amazon business book. You can learn more about him at and First Responder Wellness at


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