Caregiving Expert Pamela D. Wilson Helps Caregivers with Resources and Advice

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Pamela D. Wilson is a caregiver expert.  She provides answers, resources, and skills that translate into peace of mind for people who find themselves involved in the important yet sometimes emotional and challenging work of caregiving.  Pamela holds an MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA, and has a healthy bundle of experiences that fall under healthcare access and financial responsibilities, as well as the more emotional side of taking care of someone you love.

The practical components of trying to run a business or work a project that has your heart while also caring for a family member can be overwhelming.  And, while there is no “one-size-fits-all” guide on how to do it right, Pamela has information and answers to questions you have not asked because you didn’t know what to ask.  We talk about these critical questions and answers in this episode of Frontrunners Innovate.  It is my gift to you on this, the 2024 International Women’s Day — to give the women (and men) who are out there making a difference in other people’s lives (and in the life of someone they love at the same time) a little peace of mind and maybe a good resource or two.  Special thanks to Tsegga Medhin, Fouder of The Pearl Leadership Institute, my brilliant Co-Host, who is one of these women.  Her participation made for a rich conversation, indeed.

Important Note:  Check out the video below the interview for Pamela’s advice on “How to Avoid Paying for an Elderly Parent’s Nursing Home Bill.”  Also, Pamela provided links and downloads of resources she mentions in this podcast that you’ll find below.  You don’t want to miss those.

Meet Pamela D. Wilson:

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:  (Some resources are too large to post here, but we welcome you to click the contact link next to it if you’d like it shared with you.)

  • The program that “houses” estate planning documents, DNRs etc. that hospitals and others can access with a phone call is called Docubank
  • Medicare Advance Planning and Wellness Visit
  • The link to the DriveAble program mentioned for evaluation for persons with dementia who drive
  • The CMS 2024 Physician Rule has the benefit of care coordination for social determinants of health evaluations and care coordination. Pamela pulled the sections that relate, as the entire document is about 1000 pages. Refer to the “Community Health Worker” files – this is also an opportunity for social care organizations to partner with clinical resources to receive reimbursements.
  • Link to Biden’s Fact Sheet for Caregiving policy
  • CMS policy for Dementia Caregivers:  (click if you’d like to have this shared with you)
  • US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) also issued a “call to action about SDOH – Social Determinants of Health”  (click if you’d like to have this shared with you)
  • Five Wishes Document (Health Care Power of Attorney + Living Will-Check to make sure it is accepted in your state or states in which you travel.)

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Online Webinar Programs:  How to Get Guardianship of a Parent



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