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Dr. Osita Aniemeka, Champion for Entrepreneurship in Africa

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“African Education System has surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with 1st Class and get admission to medical & engineering schools. The 2nd Class Students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class Students. The 3rd Class Students enter politics, and rule both 1st and 2nd Class Students. The failures join the Army and control politicians who, if they …

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Professor Princess, Rosemary Ogochukwu Igbo, PhD: National Academy of Education Nigeria

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“To produce a great teacher that inspires, that stands tall and above the superior and the good teacher, first we create an effective classroom manager who makes students know what they are doing, while showing them why and how.” “As a practitioner who has committed the most to education in Africa, I want to see education achieve the best outcomes …

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Lilian A. Onyegbulam: Agricultural Economist Nigeria

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The challenge in Africa is that agriculture is seen by most government and development agencies as a social activity and not as an enterprise. The continent’s potential is enormous! There’s a large expanse of cultivable land, tropical weather for all-season production, a diversity of food, and cash crops sought after by many nations in the West.  There are soil types …

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Idonuagbe O. Akogun (MHSS) : Electronic Education Initiative

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Creating sustainable development from a global education perspective can be answered. However depending on each population’s demographic, culture, ethnic, economic, and technological bias, which can hinder the capacity and foresight in maximizing the potential of Global integration into the education sector at every level, both primary and Higher Ed. But, in the interest of brevity, I will limit my comments …

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Bobby Abua Aniemeka – Science and Tech Expert

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The future of African technology lies in educating the people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), giving people perspective, options, and a means to do something about the issues that affect them directly with the support of the government. The saying “I am only human” to many of us tells of a species that is not perfect, a species …

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Chidi Okoye – African-Based Global Security Expert

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Chidi Okoye is a global security expert and Principal Security Consultant for State Government Security Trust Funds Africa has experienced an upsurge of activities that threaten and endanger the security of the continent. In recent times, the nations of Africa have become the home of insecurity. Nations with natural wealth have become the scenes of demonstrations, skirmishes, and viciousness. Despite …

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Dr. Henry Duke Tamale – International Medical Liaison

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Dr. Tamale is Founder-Clinical Director of Elamat UltraWellness Center “Commitment: The missing ingredient for sustainable development of efficient Healthcare. Many healthcare professionals in Africa complain, honestly of course, about the bad working conditions, the small yet delayed pay, lack of promotions and most importantly, the absence of essential equipment in hospitals. So, many choose to leave the continent to areas …