Astronaut Nicole Stott Artfully Demonstrates How We Are All Planet Earth’s Crew

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Nicole Stott is a NASA astronaut, aquanaut, artist, and author. She’s also the Director of the Space for Art Foundation. She has spent 104 days in space divided between the space shuttle and the International Space Station. What she’s learned through her work and artistry combines into a message-driven approach that puts all earthlings onto the crew of this grand voyage we’ve been assigned on our planet.

Her book, Back to Earth – What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet includes a follow-on note that reads “and our mission to protect it.” It’s a perspective that may only come from floating in front of the window of a spacecraft quietly staring out at the peaceful blue orb off in the distance.

Nicole shares her experiences in the rocket and in the depths of the sea along with the impact she envisions in this enlightening conversation with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek and Monique Wells, Founder and President of Wells International Foundation who were co-hosts.

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