Brent Lovett Found a Solution for Reno’s Homeless Population by Way of a Casino Repurposing Project

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Brent Lovett has become the hero for the homeless in Reno. His solution that provides surprisingly more than sheltering is a model ready to launch in other states. Brent’s story will likely be a book someday, but, let’s say, it involves a huge casino project he was leading when the pandemic put the project into a tailspin due to a nonexistent workforce.

The solution he found was what started the development of a program called “Re-Entry for All.” This comprehensive approach to taking homeless persons off the streets and into a program that helps them help themselves is nothing short of amazing. Brent’s empathetic approach to working with this often challenging population shows us one big factor that has been missing from other homelessness solutions.  Listen to the interview to find out more.

Ismail Tekin, Founder of the World Impact Forum based in Dubai, joined Mary Kurek as Co-Host for this inspiring and informative conversation. Brent shares his story and what he believes makes it all work.

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