Young Poets from Daughters Global Meet Pulitzer-Nominated Poet Peter Makuck

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One of my favorite things to do as a mentor is to introduce mentees to people and experiences they might not ever have gotten the opportunity to enjoy.  An event like this happened in the first week of April, 2021 when I introduced our two youngest Frontrunners League members, Namara Lwansa and Chaitali Sinha, who are both poets (published on the Frontrunners Innovate platform) to the very accomplished PulitzerNominated Poet, Peter Makuck.

Namara, from Tanzania and Chaitali from India are benefitting right now from some mentorship through our Daughters Global program. Since we’ve tasked them to launch a global girls poetry project to be gifted to the United Nations later in 2021, we thought it useful for them to meet a published poet with extraordinary credentials. What follows is a recorded section of that conversation with Poet, Peter Makuck.

During this recorded conversation, Peter reads a couple of his poems and talks about types of poetry and the purpose behind poems, which, actually, might surprise you.  At the very least, we believe it will inspire you.

For Peter’s bio and his long list of awards and books, you can visit his site: 

For information about our mentorship program for teenage girls, Daughters Global, please contact us.

Mary Kurek, CEO, Frontrunners League & Publisher, Frontrunners Innovate

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