The Inside Circle Connector Scott Manthorne Talks About The Network Effect

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Scott Manthorne has been a master networker and connector for many years, cultivating a diverse and global community of high-level business types in the process.

As founder and chief connector at his company, The Inside Circle, Manthorne has built an invitation-only ecosystem for facilitating vetted business opportunities. The environment has been rich with entertaining and inspiring stories over the years – all ripe for Manthorne to pull them together in a book entitled “The Network Effect.”

In this conversation with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, Manthorne explains the concept and the work that brought him to authorship.

Meet Scott Manthorne

Scott Manthorne’s Bio

Scott Manthorne is the Founder of, a private global networking organization that specializes in connecting high-performing entrepreneurs and CEO’s.  Since 1992, his efforts have helped to move over $500 million in new sales across every continent in the world.

His diverse footprint includes a rich history in the professional sports sector where Scott launched two niche organizations (Athletes & Executives and All Sports United).  A&E focused on bringing retired professional athletes closer to business.  All Sports United was a think tank powering the non-profit initiatives of the world’s top sports properties, organizations & athletes.

In recent years, his focus shifted into the High Net Worth Sector.  Current initiatives focus within the Family Office Sector, along with Private Aviation & Yachting.

He enjoyed 12 years coaching softball & soccer and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Scott also loves travelling globally, supporting key philanthropic initiatives, mentoring the next generation, being active (a passionate Pickleball player), and spending time with his daughter, family and close friends.

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