Maria Dolores Reveals the Human Contract for a More Mature World

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Maria Dolores is the founder of The Human Contract. She is a Human Resource expert, humanitarian and leadership consultant. Maria has trained management teams in crisis management and successfully worked with cultural development and change.

Now, as a social entrepreneur, Maria has pulled from her own experience the basis of the rights and responsibilities of human beings and how we can get to a more ethical and compassionate place with one another.

Joined in the co-hosting role by author and humanitarian, Alana Stott, Mary Kurek of Frontrunners Development interviews Maria about her work and where there are opportunities for partners to help her grow.

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Host: Alana Stott

Alana Stott MBE; Author, Producer, Publisher, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

A true multi-hyphenate, Alana founded and developed Wolfraven Omnimedia as a vehicle to help tell amazing and inspirational stories. This includes her own. Concurrently, she’s also fiercely advocating for causes aimed at making the world a better place. Stott has written the game-changing business and philanthropy book: “How to Ask for Money.”  Her powerful memoir, “She Who Dares;” and a series of empowering children’s books – all to be published in 2023.

Her storied international philanthropic work has included tireless efforts on behalf of dozens of charitable organizations. Accordingly, she has devoted thousands of hours of her time to numerous non-profits as an advisor and fundraiser. And raising millions of dollars for causes such as mental health, veterans, and the fight against human trafficking.

Stott has spent more than 25 years developing and overseeing the growth of a variety of businesses of varying sizes from an array of industries. With a uniquely diverse and accomplished resume, (Her achievements have ranged from travelling salesperson to a debt collector, bodyguard, security specialist, hotel manager, bank manager, former Mrs Scotland, CEO of an intelligence-based security firm, non-profit consultant, writer, and producer.) She is a firm believer that nothing is impossible or out of reach.