Tarique J. Rashaud Connects Strategic Carbon Market Partners for International Opportunities

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Frontrunners PodcastTarique J. Rashaud is the CEO of Xemplar Carbon & Capital Solutions based in Texas. Rashaud leads the global portfolio strategy for developing Tech-based and Nature-based carbon offset projects at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus. In service to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UCFCCC) and the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, he involves himself at the leadership level of policy in national and global environments. In his role as expert advisor on carbon offsets relating to climate change initiatives, he helps impact innovators understand the unique, sometimes complicated, and little-known financing opportunities through carbon offsets at the global level. In this episode of Frontrunners Innovate, Rashaud shares with host, Mary Kurek, and co-host, Amb. Richard Swett of Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions, information that sheds light on this expansion of the carbon market space.

Meet Tarique J. Rashaud

Tarique J. Rashaud’s Bio

With extensive commercial expertise in Sustainability Finance and Carbon Offset strategies, Tarique’s 30 years of experience in Energy spans from Nuclear Power and Co-Generation to Solar Power Development. He currently serves on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Roster of Experts as well.

In Chief Strategy Officer roles he spearheads Strategic Partnerships, Investor Engagement and Carbon Offset Strategies. He leads global service strategy for developing Tech-based and Nature-based Carbon Offset Projects at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus. Key market facing leadership foci:

*Develops cross-sectoral collaborations necessary to afford clients the greatest opportunity to maximize decarbonization, generate revenue, and optimize ESG Impact -with KPI’s captured on BCT/DLT for provenance and transparency.
*Expands existing Strategic Partnerships with Carbon Market Investors to provide clients access to the much-needed capital required to fund decarbonization, sustainability, resilience, and circularity projects — at scale.

In previous commercial roles, he’s :

*Augmented and preserved clients CAPEX budgets, while increasing project IRR and cash flow via subsidies, RECs, offsets and/or private and blended finance structures.
*Designed Sustainability & Resilience Solutions to facilitate municipal level development and execution of initiatives around Climate Action, Environmental Justice, and Green Economy Capacity Building.

Within the spheres of Academia and Outreach, he sits on the Industrial Advisory Board of both Prairie View A&M University’s Engineering Dept., and Texas A&M’s National Science Foundation funded Louis Stokes Advancement of Minority Participation Program. He’s also a Subject Matter Expert contributor to The Biomimicry Institute.

As an Executive Committee member of the US Business Council for Sustainable Development he supports Equitable Energy Transition and Nature Based Decarbonization Solutions. Tarique has also served on EVolve Houston’s Equity Task Force on EV Infrastructure.

He has a patent-pending Personal Protective Aerosol Technology, and has also Co-Authored a paper on controlling Nitrous Oxide Emissions “OPERATION EXPERIENCE WITH ALSTOM POWER’S GT10 GAS TURBINE AND ULTRA LOW NOX COMBUSTION CONTROL” resulting from collaborative research with Alstom Power, Sweden and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

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Special Thanks to our Co-Host:  Amb. Richard Swett, CEO of Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions