Sonita Mbah Explains Ecovillages and Permaculture to Climate Advocates

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Sonita Mbah Explains Ecovillages and Permaculture to Climate Advocates

Note from Publisher:  We quickly found out that our time with Sonita Mbah would be less like an interview and more like a classroom session.  We learned and relearned what we thought we knew about ecovillages and how permaculture fits into the picture.  Sonita Mbah is the Exec. Secretary of Global Ecovillage Network Africa.  Sonita is from Cameroon, but, she was sharing with us during this virtual meet-up from Portugal.  In November of 2021, she’ll be in Kenya, lecturing and visiting an ecovillage there.  She is an expert permaculture designer, facilitator, manager, and consultant.  Her work reaps huge rewards for those with whom she shares her expertise and she does it all with such grace and attitude of understanding the culture of the area first, that her impact is felt before the first seed is planted.

Along, with climate advocates Prince Omenihu of Nigeria and Emma Ochieng of Kenya, I gleaned amazing insights from Sonita.  I believe you will, as well.

Meet Sonita Mbah.  (50-minute video)

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Below is the site of the Ecovillage and Permaculture project in Cameroon which Sonita managed.


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