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Interview with Mary Kurek – Pres of Frontrunners Development on the Journey to Building The Best Business Asset

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By Samantha (Sam) Dougherty

Note from Mary Kurek: Over the summer of 2021, Sam Dougherty, while interning for Wells International Foundation, *(WIF) based in Paris, France, engaged with Frontrunners Development, Inc. by joining a cohost panel to interview FIGHR Ambassador Ghazala Khan, connecting with Daughters Global Leadership mentees, and interviewing me about my own journey.  I’m sharing the Youtube interview followed by Sam’s written interpretation.

About WIF:

*WIF is a U. S. non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women and persons of African descent to realize their highest potential through arts, literacy, study abroad, and other educational and cultural programs. They are building a network of global citizens who embrace inclusiveness and foster a spirit of cooperation throughout the world.  To achieve this goal, WIF provides and supports a number of multifaceted programs, with activities and projects that target all of their Strategic Focus Areas.

Samantha Dougherty, Pennsylvania State University, Political Science Major (Media Studies, Minor)

Thanks to League Member, Monique Wells, Founder and CEO of Wells International Foundation for her dedication in providing opportunities for young leaders to learn through her organization.  Here’s more information about the accomplishments of Sam Dougherty during her internship:

Visit here, for more information on Wells International Foundation.