Rakshit Mehta: Innovating Pandemic Solutions with Environmental Safety in Mind

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Rakshit Mehta is the Chairman and Managing Director of Euro Alliance.  A Swiss-based technology group, Euro Alliance scouts and commercializes disruptive innovations and connects global markets with path-breaking technologies and products.  Rakshit specializes in technology scouting and commercialization, international trade, and business development. 

Rakshit is a Frontrunners League member, having been featured in The Introducer Magazine (12th Edition, March 2019).  He has been featured on the Top 40 under 40 EU-India Leaders List 2019, announced by the London based think tank- Europe India Centre for Business & Industry at the European Business Leaders Conference held at the European Parliament, Brussels on the 10th of April 2019. https://www.eicbi.org/eu-india-40

For the purposes of this article, it is important to know that Euro Alliance allows for technology and environment to connect, and in the weeks since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Euro Alliance’s impact not only has benefitted us through prevention and wellness, but, does so without harm to our environment.

The Euro Alliance infrastructure provides resources from start-up to marketing, and growth strategies.  Their hot-spot for expertise is in med-tech. Through their innovation hub in India, they are prototyping and manufacturing in med-tech, medical devices/IVD, nutra-tech, and bio-tech, and all in respect for the connection between industry and all things relative to our environment. 

Q & A with Rakshit:

Q:  As a business owner representing an international company that has negotiated with innovators and conducted business with about every continent, what are you seeing that brought us to the place of a pandemic that reveals a particular mindset or action toward planet earth?

A:  I am glad that you asked me this question. It is about time that we took a step back and introspect on our actions and its consequences. Given the crisis that we are in today, it is obvious that we, as humans, have drifted away a bit too much keeping our own interest at the top at all times. We simply have been too selfish. 

Mother Nature has a harsh, but very important lesson for all of us and it is time for us to wake up from our numbness and elusiveness to stop our abuse on Mother Nature. A few weeks of lockdown has got all of us to knees and really made us feel really how insignificant we are and how powerless we can be in front of nature. Time for radically changing our mind-sets is now.

Q:  You and your company have been playing a needed role in sourcing and moving supplies for the pandemic; what do you see would happen with another global disaster or epidemic that could be corrected now?

A:  Our objective has been impacting lives and utilizing technology to bridge the gaps between countries and peoples. This pandemic has really shown us how vulnerable we are and that no amount of preparedness really matters when it comes to such situations. We have been fortunate enough to help and assist global government agencies, hospitals, and other international agencies by providing 24/7 service to provide COVID medical emergency products. I have to thank our global teams for their relentless and untiring efforts over the past weeks/months to provide unparalleled and super quality of service to our global network of clients.

There is a big learning here for every country and their respective governments. Over-reliance on any one country is a sure recipe for disaster. Moving forward and moving past COVID, every country needs to re-visit their own internal growth plan and strategize building capacities organically and in a more efficient manner. With the current situation, China is dominating world supplies and, unfortunately, we see a very disturbing outcome. 

But, as with every disaster, there is new hope and we have witnessed some of the most remarkable moments during this pandemic (i.e. the collective efforts of each and every one, irrespective of caste, colour, race, and religion coming together to help and support each other.) We have seen tremendous growth in open-source technology groups rushing to save millions of lives globally through a very collaborative and non-competitive approach. This has truly been remarkable. In fact, we have been fortunate enough to be connected with one such project i.e. COVID-19 Vents. A true testimony of what can be achieved when we put our mind and heart together and keep all the unnecessary competitive baggage at bay. Under 4 days, a low cost (under $300/-) ventilator was designed, conceptualized, and prototyped using some of the most innovative techniques from across the globe. (See article on Corey Mack in this edition for this story)

Rakshit and his team have been able to facilitate the emergence of innovations that are now being used to combat the coronavirus pandemic.  Here are a couple of those innovations and how they benefit our environment:

Disinfection Sanitation Stations:

Human, Animal, Skin Safe – 100% natural. Eco-friendly & bio-friendly. Removes FCV (Feline Coronavirus) and more. USFDA OTC registration for disinfectant spray.

An indoor disinfectant robot is also available.
Thermal Cameras:  


These units are used to effectively monitor/scan fever-induced people as they enter a facility using AI tech. CE and ISO certified.  Using such a set-up would help limit the spread of respiratory illness by stopping those with elevated temperatures from touching objects and tracking bacteria throughout a store, hospital, airports, or other facility.  The environmental gain relates to less disposable products or chemicals to achieve the same goal of a cleaner and communicable disease-free space.

“When we think of the urgency and enormity of fighting a pandemic, we don’t think about how we get the job done, just that we do.  But, as we realize how connected everything is to our environment, including the pandemic, we must, as we move forward in our technological advancements, especially in health, make the broader scope of environmental protection a priority.”…Rakshit Mehta

Rakshit’s Networking Interests:

  • Innovators with solutions to pandemic problems
  • Medtech startups ready for manufacture
  • Directors of large-capacity crowd facilities (airports, hospitals, concert and sports venues, hotels, casinos, movie multiplexes, and large indoor shopping malls)


Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rakshit-mehta-ba4a48/

Web site:  https://www.euroalliancesa.com/