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Poems from girls around the world – A gift to the United Nations

In Daughters Global, Mentorship, Publisher Channel by Lisa Cole

It is an honor and privilege of the Daughters Global Leadership Mentoring Program to gift to the United Nations on the 2021 Day of the Girl Child this special poetry booklet commemorating all that the girl child means to the world.

On Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, the production team on this project presented the booklet to Youthgether Global Organization.

Having just celebrated its first anniversary, Youthgether Global works through youth leaders who serve as country heads to develop leadership skills and opportunities, unity in purpose surrounding the UN SDGs, and global citizenship. With strong connections to the United Nations, Youthgether Global carries a well-lit torch for youth, and, especially the girl child.  On the occasion of this special presentation, the organization serves as our partner in delivering this booklet directly to the UN, and they do so with much appreciation from the entire team. Special thanks to H.E. Dr. Osita Aniemeka. (Video presentation below)

The booklet has been a year-long activity co-produced by Namara Lwansa (14) of Tanzania and Chaitali Sinha (18) of India.  The poems were collected from girls aged 14-18 around one simple request:  “Write from your heart about anything that is there.” They did so.

The first poem in the publication is a joint endeavor by the co-producers, Namara and Chaitali.  It is meant to set the theme for this booklet that allows these girls to share their voices.

The front cover illustration was provided by Chanda Lwansa with individual poetry illustrations and the back cover by Chaitali.  Layout and design were provided by Rupali Sinha.

Daughters Global Leadership Mentoring is a program managed jointly by Frontrunners Development, Inc. of the United States and the Sub Saharan Open University of Nigeria.

We thank all who participated in this special project.  We hope their words fall on receptive ears and that their dreams become realities.

You can print off the PDF version by clicking here, it will open in a new tab.