Mother Teresa Award Recipient Jillian Haslam Fights Poverty From a Place of Knowing

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Jillian Haslam is a serial TEDx Speaker, Trainer, Author, and amazing philanthropist with a story to back it all. The year 2022 will likely see her book and the film about her life coming into the spotlight. For now, she hits the stage with her reality check for us all, and a fearless determination to make things better for others in the exact spot where she was as a child or, as she might say, a “slum girl.”

Today, as a professionally certified international speaker, Jillian is retained by corporations and organizations worldwide to bring her powerful message that speaks to the deeply-rooted drive that is so central to a human being’s desire to survive and overcome odds.  Speaking is a large part of her UK-headquartered business, but, there’s more.  Her Indian-based group of charities falls under the umbrella of Remedia Trust, which provides education, food, supplies, and lots more to everyone from young girls to the aging, disabled, “the friendless,” and “those without love.”

Jillian is using her history of extreme poverty; her childhood riddled with torture-induced anxiety, lack of safety and sanitation, and sadness over loss, to bring others out of the situation she suffered.  Jillian actually received food and clothing from Mother Teresa long before she received the award bearing Saint Teresa’s name, and shared this and much of her incredible story with three teenaged girls, each from different countries, in an eye-opening conversation hosted by Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Jillian Haslam.  (54-minute video)  Joining this conversation are Chaitali Sinha of India, Aditi Banerjee of the UK, Namara Lwansa of Tanzania, and Jillian’s publisher, Teri Rider.  Bio and related information below.

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