Networking Opportunities in The Veterans Issue of The Introducer

In Networking Opps by Mary Kurek

(Nov. 2018)

What follows are the networking opportunities we see between those we’ve featured in the November-December 2018 issue of The Introducer Magazine on Veterans Advocates & Entrepreneurs. (And, we will also include game changers from previous issues, noting the issue # – you can check those people out at our newsstand.)

David Lee of CVS Health should be connecting with Glenn Banton of Operation Supply Drop to compare notes about programs and potential collaboration.  For the purposes of talking about veteran and military spouses hiring programs, he and Amanda Crowe from the Hiring Our Heroes program at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Michele McManamon of Operation New Uniformshould connect.

Sean Griffin of Disaster Intelligence should be talking with Robert Branch (Issue # 2) of Living, Learning, & Working (our Frontrunners League partners) for access to professionals in utilities, power, and telecommunications with which to partner.  And, he should chat with Osama Hashmi (Issue # 4) of  Mocha 7 for solutions to complex problems. Osama literally wrote the book. Sean and Mark Wolf (Issue # 8 and also our Disaster Issue), of Emalte should chat regarding disaster-related predictive data and they might serve each other.  Mark’s flood-prevention and tech programs should definitely interest Sean and his partners.

Chris Hrudka of Hope For The Warriors® and David Lee of CVS Health should connect regarding the potential for collaboration and sharing of new programs.  Chris should also chat with Amanda Crowe of Hiring Our Heroes at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation as well as Glenn Banton of Operation Supply Drop who manages logistics better than almost anyone I know.

Courtney Wilson of DropZone for Veterans should also connect with Glenn Banton of Operation Supply Drop to share information about her online resource tool and to talk about a possible collaboration that might help her expand that resource through automation.  She should also talk with Michele McManamom with Operation New Uniform to see how their combined efforts might help to expand both programs.

Donna Stoering of Listen for Life should share her music programs for veterans with Darryl Hughes (Issue #3) of Hughes Who Technologies who has been working on a serious game for veterans with PTSD.  She should also let Glenn Banton with Operation Supply Drop know about her work, as the organization provides socialization events for veterans as one of its programs and also deals with PTSD issues with veterans. Talk with Sherman Gillums of AmVets about their HEAL program, as well.

Dr. Wilma Watts, who is promoting telemedicine with veterans, should talk with David Lee of CVS Health about that effort.  She and Sherman Gillums of AmVets need to meet for lunch  (since they are both in the same area) and have a serious chat about her interests in advocating telemedicine within the veteran community and how that relates to their HEAL program.

Sherman Gillums of AmVets and Amanda Crowe of Hiring Our Heroes through the US Chamber of  CommerceFoundation should meet up (in person, because they are in the same area) to chat about how they can create a mutually supportive framework. Because Sherman’s interest is also in preventing veteran suicide and helping disabled veterans, we think he and Chris Hrudka of Hope For The Warriors® should connect, as well as David Lee, of CVS Health. What a powerful collaboration that could be!

We present these connection “opportunities” to get the ball rolling on expanding positive impact and hope it also motivates others to see an opportunity for themselves to reach out and do some meaningful networking.  This is our true purpose with The Introducer and The Frontrunners League.