This is How You End a Year: Partnerships, Money, and Disruptive Innovations…The Frontrunners League 2018

In News by Mary Kurek


(Jan. 2019) Here at Mary Kurek Impact Connections, we’ve been quite busy.  Along with producing The Introducer Magazine, we’ve been managing an active and successful The Frontrunners League, and working on business development with our partners. But, because the League is what drives us, I wanted to fill you in on an incredible 2018.

Last year was pivotal for many League members and we haven’t even celebrated our 1-year anniversary, as yet. Thanks to Advisory Board members, Robert Branch, Antwain Thomas, Wendy Steele, Robert Brown, other game changers, and our Communications Director, Annie Moon, we’ve grown to just over 100 members and acquired a powerful partnership with the global social impact consortium, Living Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW)

This past year, three of our League members have secured contracts with LLW with business development deals and/or potentials in the pipeline. From League Board Member and LLW business development colleague, Robert Branch:

“We’ve have had members partner with NASA, The Coca-Cola Company, World Wildlife Fund, Earthwatch Environmental, United Nations, Reef Check Foundation, and Google, and have obtained several business contracts with city, federal, and Fortune 500 & 100 companies. The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation is working with LLW to come together to network and collaborate on projects LLW is undertaking. Several business relationships have been established with hospitals, schools, and corporations around the world. We are tapping into our pool of engineers and scientists with experience in renewable energy to meet this specific demand in the U.S. and underdeveloped nations of the world. Cancer has been a villain for a long time, but in the era of the digital age, there is hope that it may succumb to even a smarter/greater adversary; precision medicine. Our League members are using precision medicine, which is perhaps the most exciting new area in cancer treatment, potentially being more effective and with fewer side-effects than conventional treatments. Using 3D printers, they are looking at printing electrochemical sensors that can detect specific mutant nucleic acids from cancers to make it easier to find out which treatments are most suitable for a particular patient’s cancer and to possibly help with initial diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Also, our members are leading the front in education. Recently, we have expanded our reach beyond North America and into South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. We are humbled and yet determined to leverage our global reach to create a paradigm shift in innovation and we are confident that with our meticulous focus, our collaborative efforts, and unified consensus amongst our partners across the globe, we are in a better position to see the UN Sustainable Development Goals become a reality.”

The League team is always looking to assist members in increasing visibility. Many thanks to Phil and Yin Johnson of JJ Associates for doing such an incredible job this past year pushing out our members’ individual posts and for bringing us such a wonderful Business Liaison for Africa – we have been in serious talks with him.

2018 has been quite the year – here’s a few bullets for quick reference:

  • 3 League members now have contracts with LLW (1 of them with a product into the hands of a distributor)
  • Conversations commenced with a source for a revitalization project in a post-hurricane area
  • New partnership with Amvets organization began (thanks to Board Member, Antwain Thomas, whose leadership within the veteran community is invaluable)
  • Two new members started a nonprofit arm to their work
  • Disaster Special Edition of The Introducer (produced several new resources we will be working with in 2019)
  • One member published his first book and another finished a world book tour
  • Two members with major projects (one in healthtech and the other in energy) acquired major funding
  • A member’s new VR product for stress reduction launched
  • One member completed 2 demos for their AI medical chatbots – phone calls flying
  • One member won a Diabetes Challenge and is now preparing for a significant phase of launch
  • One member has established herself as a telemedicine ambassador for veterans
  • One member prepared his high-speed computer board for debut at CES 2019
  • One member built 19 libraries in places of the world where schools were without.  He also helped to launch his 2 young daughters heading into social entrepreneurship.

We are game-changing and disrupting our way into 2019 and it’s crazy-good. To check out more of League members’ work, visit (hit the “Press” button) If you’d like to join us, visit the site and follow the directions.  Our Communications Director, Annie Moon will respond.