Michael Kintu Personalizes Impact Through the World Fund for Planning and Development

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H.E. Michael Kintu is the Secretary-General for East Africa for the World Fund for Development and Planning. From Nairobi, Kenya, the Secretary-General activates programs that reach deep into communities at the grassroots level, providing sanitary kits for school girls, bringing clean water to communities, and funds for women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

To him, making a difference starts with individuals and then communities.

In this episode of the podcast, Kintu shares details about his work with host, Mary Kurek and Co-Hosts, Michael Rowan, VP of Business Development for Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions, and the Honorable Dr. Toby Malichi of Malichi Group Worldwide.

Stay to the end to hear about the opportunities heard in this interview. Be inspired, connected, and act on the opportunities to hear in our podcast.

Meet H.E. Michael Kintu

H.E. Michael Kintu’s Bio

H.E. Michael Kintu is the Secretary-General for East Africa for the World Fund for Development and Planning.

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H.E. Michael Kintu’s Contact

The World Fund for Development and Planning.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/world-fund-for-development-and-planning/

The World Fund for Development and Planning Website: https://wfdp-igo.org/

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Special Thanks to Our Co-Hosts:

1. Michael Rowan

Michael Rowan | Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Business Development

  • Mr. Rowan is the creator of the enterprise solution model for deploying local wealth creation methodologies in developing worlds and co-creator of the CPES4D animated visual model for implementing the enterprise solution.
  • He helped design and implement the enterprise solution in Alaska as it was created for 200 Alaska Native enterprises producing over $155 billion since 1976, lifting most Alaska Natives from poverty to middle class in one generation.
  • He has served as a strategic consultant in 16 nations on communications in developing political economies.
  • His clients include governments, energy and agriculture companies, institutions, and political campaigns from five continents.
  • He authored Getting Over Chavez and Poverty in 2006 (El Nacional Libros), and The Threat Closer to Home in 2009 (Free Press/NY).

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2. Dr. Toby Malichi

Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus., D.H.L. | Founding Executive Chairman, Investment & Diplomacy

Follow Dr. Toby Malichi on LinkedIn.

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