Mentor Her to Greatness Program Leaders Talk About New Tech Training for Youth

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A spin-off from the Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development and The African Transformer Institute, headquartered in Nigeria, the Mentor Her to Greatness Program matches girls from around the world with mentors and includes some skills development, and opportunities to grow as young leaders, filled with confidence.  The program now is launching its own tech course. Sadiya Murtala of Nigeria and Abhijita Borah of India, both graduates of the Mentor Her to Greatness Program, are leaders in the very program they say made such an incredible difference in their lives.  Sadiya and Abhijita received mentoring and digital skills during their participation and graduated in the same class.  They shared with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, details of how the program has impacted their lives. They also delivered details on the tech program called Tech Her to Greatness, which will provide some basics on website design and digital marketing that will enable job and entrepreneurship opportunities.  There is an opportunity they share to donate to this program.

Please meet Sadiya Murtala and Abhijita Borah.  (37-minute video)

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