Kemisola Bolarinwa is Paving the Way for African Women in Tech by Innovating in Women’s Health

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Kemisola Bolarinwa is a Nigerian bundle of female fire. She’s passionate and excited about using tech to innovate for impact and she’s started with a wearable to help detect breast cancer. She’s taken her own family experience and knowledge of the pain and death caused by this cancer and moved it into the lab where she has put her skills to good use.  Through the wearable fashion technology firm, Nextwear Technology, which she founded in 2019, Kemisola intends to continue to impact in the areas of health, security, and communication.

Kemisola shared her journey, her direction, and shows the “smart bra” wearable during this conversation with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek.

Please meet Kemisola Bolarinwa.  (32-minute video)

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