Jote Taddese

Jote Taddese is Closing the Healthcare Gap Between Diaspora and Family in Africa

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Jote Taddese is co-founder and CIO of DiaspoCare, a platform designed to connect diaspora (starting in Africa) with options for assisting in healthcare solutions for their families back home. The cycle of care includes a virtual wallet from which family members can contribute and expense to meet the needs of loved ones far away.

Working with pharmacy and healthcare provider partners in targeted locations, the platform offers opportunities for more directed engagement and peace of mind for the diaspora, knowing that the money sent for care is being used for its intended purpose.

Jote shares with Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Development Pres. and her Co-Host, Toku Eyes Founder, Ehsan Vaghefi, information about the platform and how data gathered through further development could impact widely.

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What is DiaspoCare and how does it work?
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Why was DiaspoCare created, explained by Co-founder and CIO, Jote Taddese

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