Dr. Eno Praise Builds Global Bridges for Trade in Africa

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Ambassador Dr. Eno Praise spent a few of his formative years figuring out his life while living under a bridge in Lagos, Nigeria.  A great mentor, some strong motivation to study, and a lifelong interest in fashion brought him from that state of living into life as a businessman. Dr. Praise became an image consultant and further developed skills in branding and marketing.

Armed with business talent and an instinct for how to bridge gaps in global trade, Dr. Praise founded Chesterbridge Group. The firm not only houses his consulting activities but, also partners with the organization, Leaders Without Borders, to produce trade summits he’s launched with leaders in Dubai.

In this conversation with Frontrunners Development President and CEO, Mary Kurek, Dr. Praise shares his story and talks about his special education program to help youths find their own career pathway and how he’s convening world business executives and investors to conduct meaningful business.

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