Game Changer Joe Hitt (Health Tech)

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Joe Hitt, CEO, GoX Labs, US

Why This Focus of Impact:

Joe Hitt on Health Tech starts here:  Joe is the CEO of GoX Labs.  Musculoskeletal injury is the top reason for discharge from the military and evacuation from the theater of operations.  As a commander of a parachute unit, he has seen and experienced this first hand.  As a professor at West Point and as a PM at DARPA, he worked on wearable and robotic technologies to mitigate musculoskeletal injury. Today he is deploying this technology to our workforce.


  • Developed the first powered prosthetic leg showcased on the Discovery Channel with a Special Forces amputee running at 8 mph only 4 months after losing his limb in combat.
  • Started the DoD’s largest wearable technology program as a PM at DARPA. Additionally, founded the Wearable Robotics Trade Association.
  • Took one of his companies from 3 to 300 employees in 36 months.

Looking Ahead:

Predictive analytics via machine learning.  By end of 2019, GoX Labs will have enough data to predict injury before it happens.  This is 8 years of research and trials in the making.

Networking Interests:

  • Insurance providers who have access to high injury rate organizations
  • Ergonomics, physical, and occupational therapy companies
  • Corporate health decision-makers