Game Changer Elizabeth Chee (Health Tech)

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Elizabeth Chee, Health Tech Entrepreneur and Consultant, Switzerland

Why This Focus of Impact:

Elizabeth Chee on Health Tech starts here:  Elizabeth is a health tech entrepreneur with two decades of international management and industry experience in software and services. Since early 2014, she ventured into digital health and blockchain technologies. She speaks regularly in conferences such as Asia Medtech Forum, Digital Insurance Agenda, Women on the Block on blockchain applications driving value-based care, financial inclusion and better access to basic healthcare. She also co-founded a blockchain-based health tech startup in Switzerland for 18 months after a personal incident where her mom was misdiagnosed and almost lost her life to cancer because of the way data was and wasn’t shared in a timely and appropriate manner. Elizabeth is active in supporting Women in Tech initiatives globally. She also sits on the board of global non-profit organizations in blockchain and digital health including GITA Foundation and Healthetia Europe. Elizabeth is Singaporean, speaks five languages, and holds degrees and executive education from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore, INSEAD and Wharton.


  • As a founding member of a global self-regulatory organization GITA Foundation based in Singapore, Elizabeth was instrumental in building up a global network of government and industry blockchain associations for the foundation during her tenure.
  • The startup Elizabeth had cofounded, HIT Foundation, was selected as the top 50 most innovative startups contributing to the Insurtech space.
  • Nominated to the UNESCO 2019 list of “Remarkable Women in Technology” on International Women’s Day 2019.

Looking Ahead:

Elizabeth is personally vested in serving the senior care market, especially seniors with cancer…ensuring their mobility and supporting their journey of dignified aging. Of course, she will always be passionate about projects that drive patient empowerment, data ownership for patients, and value-based care.

Networking Interests:

  • Healthtech innovators focusing on providing senior care services in Europe and in Asia (existing and new markets)
  • Consulting opportunities using blockchain to drive patient-centric value-based care in Europe and in Asia
  • Healthcare innovators developing preventive tests and cure for cancers prevalent in women.