Investor Series: Bobbi Bidochka Works With Startups From Ground Up

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Venture Cap & Tech Funding Expert and Author, Bobbi Bidochka

Bobbi Bidochka is a Venture Associate with TandemLaunch, Inc., a venture capital fund and startup foundry that partners with driven entrepreneurs to create successful and disruptive deep tech companies.  Her work there has helped to create a hefty launch rate for entrepreneurs with tech that changes the landscape for spaces that make a difference in our world.  Bobbi also has founded her own impact fund, Imagine Ideation, where she works with founders who are strapped for startup cash but meet her criteria for value.  She talks about her work, her diverse background, and the book she authored that was just released in January 2021 with Frontrunners Development Founder and President, Mary Kurek.

Meet Bobbi Bidochka (22-min video)

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Sexual Intelligence in Business by Bobbi Bidochka



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