Life Lab – Developing Assets Series on How to Diversify Your Network to Amp Growth

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Is your network stale?  Is it bubbling with activity sending out news releases, announcements, and invitations to events?  Are they innovating solutions, networking like crazy, and posting meaningful content online? Are you actively engaged in your network and are they actively engaged with you or just names on a list or profiles on a platform?

Mary Kurek and a member of her very diverse network. Don’t ask. (:

Think of your network as a website.  Some of your pages are static pages, like a brochure with information that rarely changes.  Some of your pages are posting pages with active content that is updated regularly.  Your network is static if they are just sitting there and the information flow to or from never changes.  If you send a note or run into a member of your network and ask how they are doing, you might get a response like “Oh, same old thing,” or “Really busy.”  What you want is a response like “I attended a killer conference last week on a new technology that is going to help us automate in a way that’s going to change our lives,” or “I was talking with Seth the other day about a subject I mentioned to you a recently and he thinks we should consider developing a group that could take our ideas to action.  I was wondering what you think about that.”

You want activity, and you don’t get that from a linear, stale network.  You get that from a diverse network, bubbling alive with brainpower from lots of different locations, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, industry types, and more.  Also, this diverse network is stocked full of advisors, media sorts, influencers, leaders in professional organizations, board chairmen, connectors, and more…every kind of resource you’d need to solve a multitude of problems (business and personal).  And, here’s the big thing about building this kind of network:

You need to be that which you seek.  Remember, others are looking to get the most from their network just like you are.  Be that amazing connection.

So if the word “how” comes to mind, let me share with you my thoughts on how to build this type of network and some stories from my own rich pool of resources.  It may surprise you how you can benefit, even if you think you’ve got an amazing network.

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