HERA Gives Access to Free Healthcare Resources and Compliance Messaging to Refugees in Turkey

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Aral Sürmeli is a medical professional turned innovator and entrepreneur.  Though he’s received a good bit of his education in Harvard circles, Aral is using his knowledge and experience to create solutions to problems, particularly ones that impact the enormous refugee population in Turkey.

Aral and the HERA team of 6 have been working steadily on developing and finetuning a free app (Health Recording App) that is designed to help refugees, particularly women and mothers, find free health resources, stay on top of scheduled vaccines, and understand and follow pandemic protocols that seem to change regularly.  Aral notes that so many refugees have enough to deal with just trying to settle and have no idea what type of healthcare is available to them and their families.  Mothers may not know the vaccine schedule for their children. The app keeps a schedule and sets reminders for these tasks.  The mapping feature lets them know of closeby resources.  And, in a public health emergency, there is a means of getting important information to them.

Aral shares more information in this video interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek.  Meet Aral Sürmeli.  (18-minute video)


Aral’s Contact:

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/aral-s%C3%BCrmeli-bb0412122/

Website:  https://project-hera.com/en/