DKT International Making Huge Impact on Family Planning and Reproductive Health Worldwide

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In 2019, 48 million people received 2 years’ worth of reproductive health products making DKT International one of the world’s largest providers of family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, and safe abortion products and services.  The positive impact is on women’s health, less unwanted pregnancies, maternal deaths, and unsafe abortions.  In areas of the world where these occurrences are common and threatening to human and economic development, the impact is critical.  Check out this short video that shows how they operate.

Chris Purdy is the President of DKT International.  He spoke with Publisher, Mary Kurek, in a recent interview about the work of DKT International and the impact it is having now and in the future.  Meet Chris Purdy.  (15-minute video)

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning products in the world, having generated over 47.8 million couple years of protection (CYPs) in 2019. Five of the ten largest contraceptive social marketing programs in the world are DKT programs. As of 2019, DKT has offices in 24 countries, with a sales presence in 60 countries.

Check out DKT’s White Paper on WomanCare

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