Frontrunner Nation: Linh Le of Flextrapower Talks About New Graphene-Infused Masks

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Flextrapower Team Member Shows V2 Graphene Mask

Linh Le is a hybrid:  a scientist innovator combined with an entrepreneurial spirit.  His research evolves into health-enhancing and health-protecting products.  In 2019, we spotlighted Linh in Frontrunners Innovate for his graphene-printed sensor insole intended to help people suffering from diabetes to be able to better monitor their foot health.  At the time, Linh and the team had won an impressive “Challenge Award” from the T1D Exchange.

It was no surprise when we discovered recently that Linh, like other smart Frontrunners League members, had pivoted his work toward solutions that would impact during the pandemic.  His solution:  a graphene-infused face mask and filtering insert capable of disallowing microdroplets passage — they literally roll off.  There’s more to Linh and the Flextrapower story, and he shares it all in this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek.  (21-minute interview)


(Publisher’s note:  below is a short 2-minute demo video I conducted using the graphene-infused mask. Linh says you should replace the filter about every few weeks if it is being used regularly.  Filter and mask are available on the Flextrapower website – link found at end of this spotlight.  Flextrapower also has mass quantity-capability.)

Other views of the mask:

V2 Graphene Mask Front View

V2 Graphene Mask Side View

Linh’s Contact: