Feature: Rare Disease Patient Advocate Brianna Greenspan Shares the Action That Brings Hope

In Health, News by Mary Kurek

Brianna Greenspan is a natural connector and problem solver.  But, what she is first is a patient with a disease that no one could name during her childhood.  From her youngest memory, Brianna has been fighting different symptoms that were debilitating and painful.  Her bones were jumping out of joint without provocation, hugs might leave her with a rash, and allergies would leave her sensitive to almost everything.  But, all that changed when she had enough and decided to find a doctor that actually knew what she was going through.  She found the doctor and a name for her disease, (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), and what follows is not only a journey to her own management but, the carving out of a career path that brought her to a point of expertise and an impact that she never saw herself providing.  In her interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, Brianna shares her story and tells us about a condition that many Caucasians around the world are experiencing as misdiagnosed. She shares from other experts and wants you and physicians to know there is a test for it.

Meet Brianna Greenspan, Genetics Consultant with Gene by Gene  (23-minute video)

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