Feature: Dr. Jacqueline King Launches Black Women Empowered Media Platform

In Empowerment by Mary Kurek

Dr. Jacqueline King is the Founder and CEO of Black Women Empowered, Inc., a multi-million participant network connected through various social media platforms.  Initially begun as a spiritually-based means of helping people in crisis, the network has evolved into a large and growing media platform to disseminate encouraging, positive, and yes, fun, content that continues to hold strong to its spiritual roots.

Black Women Empowered is proud to have a membership diverse in ethnicity, gender, and age.  Their newly launched platform will include comedy, educational, and growth opportunities, as well as cultural content that can be accessed on many streaming platforms.

Dr. King’s background in the corporate world and how she’s accomplished a professional career that moved her to this place of leadership is a remarkable journey and one she shares along with information about her organization and the platform with Publisher, Mary Kurek in the interview below.  (17-minute video)

Dr. King’s Contact:

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jacqueline-king-79ab3226/

Website: https://www.bwenetwork.com/