Feature: Author Jerry B. Bowden on Winning Against Adversity

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From the streets of Brooklyn, this 16-year-old kid managed to catch the attention of a US Army recruiter who asked him his age.  When he answered that he’d turn 17 in few months, the recruiter told him to do something most abandoned kids wouldn’t do – to get permission to sign up from his mother, a mother whom he hadn’t seen in 11 years.  Mission accomplished then and over and over again.  What unfolds is a life of not just overcoming adversity, but winning over it. That said, the real story lies in what happened before and since this moment in time.

Jerry Bowden is a remarkable service-disabled (visually impaired) author and speaker who has experiences contrary to what most of us believe about orphanages or living on the streets.  The kind of person he was then is really who he is now.  It’s his viewpoint that moved him to innovative thinking and action-taking, and it’s a way of looking at challenges that could help us all.

Meet speaker, co-leader of Revealio and Tech with Heart Foundation, and the author of Wish Sandwich, Jerry Bowden, in this video conversation with Publisher, Mary Kurek. (18-minute video).

Short bio:  Jerry B. Bowden is an author, speaker, singer, and tech founder who overcame poverty, abuse, and addiction, to experience his days of glory as a professional singer, sharing the stage with the Temptations, and being the first in his family to achieve higher education.  As a result of serving our country in the Vietnam war, Jerry is now legally blind, yet he continues to push through adversity, and now sits on the board of his own technology company, REVEALiO, and his nonprofit, Tech With Heart Foundation, focused on supporting disadvantaged youth and entrepreneurs.

Jerry wishes to impact at-risk youth, military veterans, and those in the correctional system who need to know they are not their past.  There is hope and there is a way forward.

Jerry’s Contact:

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/jerry-b-bowden-author-speaker-singer/


Jerry B. Bowden:  https://jerrybbowden.groovepages.com/wishsandwich/index

Tech with Heart Foundation:  https://www.techwithheartfoundation.org/index.php/about/

Revealio:  https://www.revealio.com/

Where to Buy the Book:  https://www.amazon.com/Wish-Sandwich-Black-Journey-Ghetto/dp/0578799960/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Wish+Sandwich&qid=1613849783&sr=8-2