Divyanshi Mehta Works to Change Viewpoints on Women’s Rights

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Frontrunners Innovate
Frontrunners Innovate
Divyanshi Mehta Works to Change Viewpoints on Women's Rights

Divyanshi Mehta is an analyst, speaker, and content developer who also serves as the State General Secretary for the National Youth Council in India. It is the latter that is giving her the platform for the very strong voice she uses to create impact for women. As she also sits on the Advisory Council of the Anti-Sexual Harassment National Council, Divyanshi sets herself on the leadership path to making a difference for women in India and elsewhere. Along with cohost Chaitali Sinha, (Daughters Global Leadership Mentee-India), Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer interviews Divyanshi about her work and what’s ahead.

Meet Divyanshi Mehta. (35-minute video)

Divyanshi’s Contact:

Website:  www.youthcouncilofindia.org

Co-Host: Chaitali Sinha






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