Writing and Publishing with Doreen Ngemera by Namara Lwansa

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By Namara Lwansa

Writing is an interesting process for a lot of people, letting your imagination run free and using your mind to create stories that other people can read.  Most people find their love for writing after reading books and seeing how people can take the 26 letters of the alphabet and make words out of them and use those words together to make an amazing plot that is exciting to read.  But, a lot of us fall short, and we just take our love for reading and leave our written stories half done and within scrappy papers found in between our notebooks.  Doreen Ngemera has taken her love for writing and been able to publish an entire book, has been able to speak on different platforms, and use her talents, abilities, and passion into making the world a better place.

I feel like a lot of us can learn so much from this young lady who is teaching us how we can be better people and use our passions to create an actual career path that we can take into the course of our life.

I hope you enjoy and learn something from this interview because I sure did.  Make sure to share this with a friend who you think will benefit from this because this information is one that you should not miss!


Author/Host/Public Speaker, Namara Lwansa

Namara Lwansa is a young student from Tanzania whose speaking and writing talents have already started carving a leadership path for her in areas of Africa.  The youngest Frontrunners League member is now the first African blogger in the new section of this magazine dedicated to African Influencers and Innovators.  Fill Your Mind is Namara’s contribution in blog form, often accompanied by video interviews that will include content relevant to everyday things, modern-day issues, and global situations…all of which will help Fill Your Mind to let your voice be heard.  You’ll find Namara’s blog in the menu at the top in the dropdown under “African Influence.”

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