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A WEF (World Economic Forum) report in Feb of 2021 lists cybercrime as one of the biggest threats facing society in the next decade; cyberattacks pose a bigger immediate risk than terrorism and are potentially catastrophic in both the short and long term.  IT Governance recorded more than a thousand publicly disclosed security incidents in 2020, which resulted in more than 20 billion breached records.  There has been an increase in Ransomware / Phishing attacks such as the gas pipeline in the USA –

We are starting to see more companies now reviewing their attitude and approach to Data Protection and Privacy but why suddenly in 2021?
Is this down to GDPR, and other Data Protection Regulations?

Or are the real catalysts:

a) organisations that have suffered a breach and therefore have to do something – as we have discussed before, incurring higher prices – better to mitigate, or
b) organistions that are undergoing the due diligence process by potential clients or partners who are demanding that they have adequate policies in place.

Or, is the greatest motivator the threat of fines or the threat of data breaches and cyber-attacks? Are companies in denial: there is no problem?  Are there skills gaps for personnel with Data Protection regulation and implementation experience?  Is the cost of implementing data privacy too high?  What are the hidden costs?  Data Protection is complex but the first step is knowing where data actually is (especially the critical data).

David Clarke of The Trust Bridge discusses all these issues with Jeff Lawler and James Lawler of Tricostar.  Working together The Trust Bridge and partner Tricostar help clients to develop their strategy for Cybersecurity and Data Protection, and then implement that strategy. The services embrace solutions that support data mapping and classification, protection, preventing data leakage, and ensuring strong data governance, as well as assisting with compliance, processes, training, and documentation.


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The Panel:

David Clarke, Chief Technology Officer The Trust Bridge is well known in the GDPR industry and runs a GDPR LinkedIn Group with over 19,000 members. David is recognized by Thompson Reuter as one of the top 10 most influential thought-leaders and thinkers on social media, in risk management, compliance, and regtech in the UK. He is featured in the top 50 of Global Experts listed by Kingston

Jeff Lawler has been in the IT software industry for over 40 years, running a range of IT companies both in the UK and the Middle East in cybersecurity, document and data security, eData management, and discovery.

James Lawler’s background is in digital marketing which led him into the world of data and data protection and security with expertise in discovery, management, classification, and protection of data as well as enforcement, compliance, and endpoint protection of data.