The Introducer is Launching A Youth Mentoring Project With Game Changers in the 14th Edition

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The Introducer Launching New Global Mentoring Project with Youth Program Game Changers

As the Founder and Producer of The Introducer, I get to talk with some of the most brilliant minds on our planet – people who are working on solutions to world problems with such passion that it humbles me to the core.  Through the process of getting to know these global gems, a new phenomenon has started to happen.  Lately, we have found ourselves more than once in the surprising and happy role of catalyst where action starts to form before we even get an edition released.  It happened with the 12th edition, “Women Leaders in Blockchain” when the game changers we featured started self-organizing days before the publication was released.  That was in January, and we are still facilitating monthly virtual meetups for these amazing leaders.  This time, we discovered a need expressed by almost everyone with whom we interviewed for the “Developing Youth as Global Citizens” edition.

What became quite evident was that there is a serious need for mentors.

At the very moment this writing, my own mentee, Marley Dozier, is finishing up an hour-long virtual conversation I set up for her with Alejandro Gaytan (Youth Impact Game Changer featured in this edition).  I started the call and then muted myself.   I can hear her working out an idea with Alejandro to help inspire the students at her high school toward exploring their own career and leadership opportunities.  In this one hour, Alejandro has shared information with Marley about his journey and how he got involved with the United Nations (naming the programs and sharing details).  He has shared information about some projects he’s done at Stanford and Harvard that had Marley asking more specific questions.  They share a passion for medicine and research, so they’ve taken the conversation to that space with Alejandro indicating that he’d introduce her to several connections he has at particular universities and medical professionals in the Silicon Valley area.  He shared resources like webinars and books and agreed to help her with her own project next year.  Alejandro will turn 17 in August and Marley will turn 16.  Can you imagine the impact from these two in the coming years?!  As a mentor, this meet-up was right on target.

This type of interaction is how The Introducer Magazine and our companion youth network, the Frontrunners Youth Impact League, can help.  It’s a matter of gathering, training, and matching…and maybe even having some of our Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation members (The Introducer’s network of game changers from all of the editions of the magazine) to pop in for some virtual mentoring here and there.  We’ve got the interest of several people you’re reading about in this 14th edition on “Developing Youth as Global Citizens.”  Thanks to Dr Osita Aniemeka who will likely provide the actual framework based on his own concept and with whom we are happy to partner on this worthwhile endeavor. We are planning a call in the coming weeks to hash out the details. If you have a youth program and would like to be involved, please email the Frontrunners League Communications Director Annie Moon at 

How amazing is it that a magazine can be the foundation for the solution of a global problem!

Meet a few of the Frontrunners Youth Impact League Advisory Board Members:  

(Marley Dozier – US)

“We can all agree children’s brains are like sponges. Even as young adults, we are always willing to learn what intrigues us.  However, most need the guidance of a non-parent, a mentor, who will help fill their sponge and teach them how to fill their own.  Most students in the high school level have no clue about the opportunities awaiting in the world outside of their town.  Linkedin is phenomenal about connecting to the world that is filled with astonishing people who are willing to help.  I propose to globally spread Linkedin to high schools.

I would love to meet any medical professional or military personnel in healthcare and researchers on molecular biology to guide me with information to help me reach my career goal.”  Marley Dozier

(Temidayo Isaiah Oniosun – Nigeria)

“Young people are actively involved in developing technologies that are improving the way we live, the way we relate and the way we do things, which is gradually making the world a global village. However, the majority of the limitations we are experiencing around political, economic, social, and cultural interdependency and interconnectedness between the local, the national, and the global has to do with policy. It is therefore important for young people across the world to be more involved in policy-making in order to create a broader community and common humanity.
My ambition is to make the world a better place, better than how I met it; developing technologies and solutions that bring positive change to the world and how we live. Advocating for policy at national and international levels and helping to monitor the implementation of policies for sustainable development.”  Temidayo Oniosun, Managing Director, Space in Africa (Frontrunners League Member)

(Osama Hashmi – Turkey)

“We are at a very pivotal juncture around the world – there are exponentially increasing problems that affect all global citizens together – and our solutions have to be built together. The next generation of innovators, thinkers and leaders are going to be pivotal in defining a vision of the world that’s better than the generation that created the problems. The good news is how many people around the world are willing to impart mentoring and all their secrets to help the youth along their journey.” Osama Hashmi, Founder/Chairman, Mocha7 Product Innovation Design & Launch Studio (Frontrunners League Member)

Our Networking Interests:  Global youth development programs who are looking for youth mentors and inspiring role models to share with their youth.

Contact:   Frontrunners League Communications Director