Jennifer Ettinger is a Red Carpet PR Pro Who Empowers Women to Have Their Own Break Throughs

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Jennifer Ettinger is a Social PR Strategist, Founder of Pink Dreams Inc and Fit Your Style, but all of this success came after some pretty tough times that included a debilitating illness. Then, it happened; the door to opportunity opened and she walked through and right onto the red carpet. But, Jennifer’s story continues into work that opens similar doors for others. She shares what and how with Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer.

Meet Jennifer Ettinger.  (22-minute video)

Jennifer’s Short Bio:

From bedridden with illness to best-selling author, Jennifer Ettinger merged her passions of health, lifestyle, fitness, and connection into “Fit Your Style,” a multi-platform brand encompassing social media, TV, and radio. Jennifer uses her platform to spread positivity, compassion, and caring through uplifting posts which are often as real and raw as they are inspirational and informative. A holistic strategist, she uses her platform as a social media correspondent to amplify other entrepreneurs, change-makers and advocates, profiling their stories with the same passion and attention as she does celebrities at the red carpet events she hosts for Entertainment Tonight, CTV, Access Hollywood, The Oscars, and Vanity Fair. CEO of Pink Dreams INC and Fit Your Style and City Lead for Boss Talks Toronto.

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