Irma Sanchez Answers Questions on How She Gets Such Great Funders

In Funding, Live Introductions, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Irma Sanchez is the Women’s Economic Forum leader in Silicon Valley. As such, she must produce events and programs that assist women in becoming self-sufficient in enterprise and confident in life. The work requires a budget that only reaches sustainability if she has some significant sponsors and funding partners. She has worked with Coca-Cola for a number of years as a partner, so when some of our Frontrunners who are working on fundraising had a few questions on how best to approach brands for funds, it was clear we should go to Irma to get the answers. The video below is the recording of that conversation.

Thanks to Monique Wells of Wells International Foundation (HQ Paris) and Alina Pelka of the Yorghas Foundation (HQ Poland) for their participation. Special thanks, of course, to Irma Sanchez.


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