HM Dr Uba Iwunwa Uses Her Artistry and Monarchy to Help African Widows

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Her Majesty Dr. Uba Iwunwa is an actor, vocal artist, and awarded humanitarian, referred to as the “Empress of Peace.” Using her own personal story of overcoming gender challenges, she is carrying on the royal legacy her father left her to impact the world with her talents and her leadership abilities. Her Majesty (of the African Dynasty of the Monarchy of YaYa) takes her royal responsibilities seriously, working globally, as a current resident and World Peace Ambassador to Canada.  Representing her culture through music and words, Her Majesty promotes and influences impact with a compassionate voice and joyful artistry.

Her Majesty shared many current and future projects with Frontrunners Innovate Host Mary Kurek and Co-Host, Amb. Ghazala Khan, but focused on a special program supported by her monarchy to help widows in Nigeria.

Meet Her Majesty, Dr. Uba Iwunwa.  (33-minute video)

Her Majesty in Performance:

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