The Network That Invites You to be Spotlighted

Membership in the Frontrunners League includes your invitation to be spotlighted in Frontrunners Innovate.

Lisa Morales-Hellebo and Worldwide Supply Chain Federation Co-Founder, Brian Laung Aoaeh featured in the 21st edition re:  their partnership with IBM Watson Health.

The Frontrunner’s League is a membership-based network that starts with publicity and extends into opportunities for business growth via facilitated introductions.

In order to explore a fit within the League, contact to share a bit about your innovation and your interest in membership.  For testimonials, success stories, more about our introductions, visit here.

During a call with a member, he mentioned that he’d be interested in a board position with the right startup.  Knowing of a startup in his industry who was looking for ties to the organization the member had recently chaired, we made the connection.  During the introductory phone call, the opportunity to serve was extended.  Position secured.

After receiving communication from a member of our partner’s network about a new client looking for a PPE supplier, contact was made with one of our members who could supply the goods ongoing, resulting in one of most financially fruitful deals we’ve ever facilitated.

Here’s a Quick List of Membership Benefits (Along with a Spotlight in Frontunners Innovate that will include a video interview):

  • Directory Listing on the League site
  • Facilitated introductions to other League members and partners for collaborations, board appointments, business resources, etc.
  • Opportunity to share your updates/announcements/book launches, etc. in monthly member news also shared in a blog on the League site
  • Receive by monthly email opportunities like challenge/accelerator/funding announcements, resources that will help automate business processes, and member requests.
  • In the queue:
    -Innovations Catalog includes listings of member marketable products/services
    -Frontrunners Bookstore to promote member books
    -Webinars/Events to include you as a panel guest, host/facilitator, or attendee
  • Opportunity for a business development contract with our partners, Living Learning & Working, Inc.  (LLW), when we see a business opportunity.

During a call with a member who sits on various healthtech boards, we learned that he was working on a project that needed a manufacturer that could do 3d printing.  Within an hour, we had him on a call with a company that has a manufacturing plant in another country, and they not only could manufacture using 3d printing, but could also market and distribute from there.  LLW contract opportunity.


Over the course of 6 months, along with our partners, we were able to bring an innovator to multiple connections for clinical trial partners for his wearable, and a successful bid to enter an accelerator program with financial gain.

Contact if you’d like to schedule an exploratory conversation.