Craig Fearn – Business Mental Wellbeing

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Craig Fearn works with corporations and organizations that care about their employees’ mental states.  He helps to create a plan to support a mentally healthy environment that becomes part of an employee benefit.  That plan may start with what Craig calls a “charter” and then moves on toward execution of the plan that a) includes proper communications for truthful and useful team engagement and b) delivers a personalized approach to helping individuals avoid frustrating pitfalls that could result in negatives that cost everyone.

Publisher, Mary Kurek, interviewed Craig about his unique background that brought him to this work as well as the business of creating a mental wellbeing platform.  Meet Craig Fearn (19-minute video)

Craig’s Networking Interests:

  • HR Professionals in fast growing IT/Hospitality companies
  • Company leaders/HR professionals with remote workforces
  • Company leaders/HR professionals in large established companies looking for innovation in wellbeing

Craig’s Contact:

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