Yurii Pozniak – Reversing COVID-19 and How Evolution of our Planet is a Factor

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Yurii Pozniak was born on October 9, 1961, in the city of Ulan-Ude (Lake Baikal) in the family of an officer of the Soviet Army.  He’s had a rich history of impact work that sets him up for ground-breaking discoveries:

  • 1997 – founded a private laboratory for advanced research.  Development and application of bio-psychological technology of restoring partially lost/lost functions and mental disorders of a person.
  • 2018 – Head of laboratory. Human body engineering.  Lab science of human life – the technology to stop aging.  Computer technology the entrance in the unconscious and in the programs of life-activity brain and body (ontogenesis programs).
  • 2019 – Head of Human Ontogenesis Lab. Human body engineering.  Prevention and therapy of coronavirus infection (Covid-19) (weakening of the effect of coronaviruses ARVI and SARS at human infection).  The digital correction of ontogenesis programs, stop aging. No side effects.  Restoration/rejuvenation of the human body on 25-30 years, therapy of acquired / age / fatal diseases. Therapy of stress, depression, PTSD, impotence.
  • 2020 – Have plans, theory, and strategy for expanding research (conducting practical experiments) using quantum mechanics.

Q & A with Yuri:

Q:  What is your theory around the connection between our environment and pandemics like we are experiencing with Covid19? What research do you have to support the theory?

A:  The answer to the first question: The state of the environment depends on the level of development of the human mind. Currently,
the development of the human mind is significantly behind the evolutionary processes, which as a result destroys nature and provokes natural pandemics. Viral pandemics leave no choice for people. Humans must evolve or degrade as a species. Similar frequency characteristics have the human body, its internal organs, and all microorganisms of the human body. SARS-Cov-2 is a highly intelligent virus with its own life-activity program. It can use different adaptive forms of development and mutations in the body of biophysical objects, determining the suitability of the area of existence after contact with programs *of ontogenesis (programs of life-activity), by scanning the molecular frequency spectra that all cells of biophysical objects possess. Further, using the rhythms of molecular frequency spectra of a biophysical object (human), SARS-Cov-2 freely penetrates into blood vessels, capillaries, cells, etc.

The whole world is made up of energy. Any energy has a frequency and vibration. THE COVID-19 pathogen, the SARS-Cov-2 virus, also has energy, frequency, and vibration, and is part of the human environment. In turn, humans are part of the habitat for the SARS-Cov-2 virus. This means that the virus will mutate in the human body as long as the human immune system and brain allow it to do so. After natural selection in the human population or in the case of an effective vaccine, the person will become immune to COVID-19 and the virus will take its place in the human body. COVID-19 does not randomly perform the role of a gravedigger of the existing foundations of humanity. The nature of COVID-19 is universal, since SARS-Cov-2 has racial preferences for different mutations, thus adding new forms of disease to the pandemic picture of different countries. For such a rapidly changing virus, it is difficult to create an effective vaccine, which extends the natural mission of COVID-19 throughout the planet, and this is called evolution. The virus has its own natural program of life-activity, according to which it performs the tasks that nature has put in it. According to our calculations, SARS-Cov-2 has the properties of HSV (herpes simplex virus) and can participate in neurodegenerative processes in the human brain.

In our work, we use natural algorithms of the structure of life-activity of biophysical objects on our planet to restore and rejuvenate the human body. Of course, during the experiments, we encountered unexpected seasonal infections in volunteers. Without changing the main goal of our research, we experimented with seasonal coronavirus infections (ARVI) using digital correction of ontogenesis programs which increased the work of the (innate and adaptive) immune and endocrine systems of the human body by 6-6.5 times. Tests were performed with patients of stage 2 and 3 with influenza type A, as well as with the first and third forms of SARS. In experiments, we started to strengthen the immune system of patients, from the second day and after the fifth day of the disease. In mild cases, patients recovered in the same way, in 6 days, with an increased immune system and without strengthening. In all cases where patients took medications, digital correction enhanced their effect, and patients recovered on the fifth or sixth day.

In cases where patients did not take medication:

– the second stage of the disease, patients recovered on the seventh day, after five days of stimulation/strengthening of the immune and endocrine systems.
– the beginning of the third stage (with the appearance of respiratory failure after 5 days from the beginning of the disease), we forced patients to take medications prescribed by the doctor and carried out strengthening of the immune and endocrine systems. After that, the patients recovered over the next seven days.

In all cases, the level of hemoglobin and cholesterol in the blood of patients remained normal or was slightly higher than normal. There are no side effects.

As an experiment, we conducted prevention of the risk group for seasonal SARS infection (42 people) – young teachers, Junior medical staff, students, as well as men and women of different professions and social status, aged 50+ and 60+. 15 people from the group, from autumn to
spring, had only a slight cold. 8 people were not ill at all. The remaining 19 people, from autumn to spring, were ill with various forms of SARS in a mild form. It is noteworthy that the statistics of people tested 50+ and 60+, did not differ from the statistics of young people tested.

Our technology of restoration (rejuvenation) of the human body, is able to quickly reverse the immunosuppression of the body of a patient with a coronavirus infection of SARS (stage 3 of the disease), restore and strengthen the immune system or in prevention, maintain the immune system of an elderly person for a long time, as in a young body. There are no side effects.

From our experience, the ability of the immune system of a patient who is infected with a coronavirus infection runs out after the seventh day from the onset of the disease. Our technology strengthens the ability of the patient’s immune system to completely suppress coronavirus infection in the body and produce antibodies to the pathogen. The enhanced immune system is stable for a long time, despite previous illnesses.

Currently, frequency technologies are increasingly used in various fields of science. For example, scientists at MIT are using AI to decrypt the vibration properties of SARS-Cov-2 in order to obtain the key to suppressing the virus and stopping COVID-19, and have made some
progress. They even recreated the audio file of the SARS-Cov-2 frequency sound and intend to change the destructive properties of the coronavirus using frequency exposure. Our frequency programs sound much nicer than SARS-Cov-2.

Swiss scientists from the technical University of Lausanne are creating a frequency ultrasound bra for women in order to monitor breast cancer, and later treat breast cancer using ultrasound, and we are considering a collaboration with a Swiss Startup. Also, in early 2020, the National Institute of Mental Health of the United States reported on the recruitment of volunteers for clinical trials of the method of digital frequency influence on the human brain, in order to restore normal functions of the brain and body, where the means of delivery to the brain are electromagnetic pulses of a certain frequency group. Russia and Israel have created frequency vision for the blind, and much more.

I am confident that frequency technologies will become mainstream after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q:  Your lab is really focused on anti-aging. Can you help us to understand the link between aging and coronavirus and is there an environmental factor that plays into this?

A:  We do not fight against human aging, biochemical processes occur continuously and they cannot be stopped without negative consequences for humans. Our efforts are focused on restoring/rejuvenating the human body to the level of its healthy state, which was at a younger age. One of the results of our therapy is the transfer of the work of the pineal gland and epithalamus to a younger mode of operation which is manifested in the production of altered peptides, melatonin and others, which restore/rejuvenate Timus. When active, the Thymus produces thymic hormones that are involved in cell repair and improve skin regeneration.

Digital correction restarts / corrects the work of the hypatolamo-pituitary system of hormone production, immune and other systems of the biophysical object (human). In the brain and body of a biophysical object (human), anti-aging transformations occur, where there is no place for senile diseases. The main thing is a positive result without side effects. The aging process of the human body can be transferred to an earlier period and closed in a ring, and we do this. For example, the process of working *ontogenesis programs of an elderly person can be closed in a circular biochemical process corresponding to the age of 30-35 or 35-40 years, and it will work.

The recovery of the body will take some time, depending on the degree of wear and tear of the body and the number of acquired and senile diseases. The updated ontogeny through the brain will independently destroy acquired and senile diseases, as they do not correspond to the updated period of operation of ontogeny programs, and will control the safety and effectiveness of recovery processes. But for now, our technology can only rejuvenate the human body for 25-30 years. No side effects.

Our technology is a non-invasive unidirectional digital correction of the work of ontogenesis programs, HPF (higher psychological functions) and the unconscious (mental unconscious). This is computer technology. The unconscious controls the implementation of ontogenesis programs and the interaction of ontogenesis programs with the mind, psyche, and all body systems. In our work, we use frequency algorithms that are as close as possible to natural ones. The means for delivering ontogenesis correction programs to the patient’s brain can be sound, ultrasound, magnetic and electromagnetic pulses, or electrical micro-pulses. We have a good theory about the structure of life activity of biophysical objects on our planet, on the basis of which we derive mathematical algorithms for correcting the processes of human life-activity. Our main goal is to restore/rejuvenate the human body, ensuring a healthy energy balance in its updated state. The process of recovery/rejuvenation of the human body occurs in a complex, along with the treatment of senile and acquired diseases and this provides the brain of the patient himself. We only adjust the operation of the patient’s ontogenesis programs. Example: In 2019, we performed restoration/rejuvenation of a patient’s body (male 62 years old). The patient suffered from grade 3 obesity, high blood pressure, peripheral vascular atherosclerosis and edema of the lower extremities, steatohepatosis (liver obesity), type 2 diabetes mellitus, partial loss of vision, and metabolic syndrome.

The result of the recovery/rejuvenation process of the patient was:

– weight loss of the patient without diet and medication from 164.7 kg to 102 kg, without side effects. The patient’s skin is significantly tightened and does not have much sag.
– Type 2 diabetes mellitus disappeared, with previously critical blood glucose levels of 31.5 mmol / L and 0.6 mmol / L. Currently, his blood glucose level is in the range of 3.7-6.1 mmol / L.
– disappeared arterial hypertension. Blood pressure decreased from 150-160 / 90-95 to a stable
110-120 / 60-70.
– disappeared external signs of atherosclerosis of the peripheral vessels of the lower extremities to a minimum. Swelling of the legs and feet also came down,
– steatohepatosis disappeared,
– metabolic syndrome disappeared,
– vision restored to its previous values.

There are no side effects.

I want to note that we did not treat the patient, we restored the patient’s body at the previous healthy stage of his life-activity. The result of the restoration/rejuvenation of the patient’s body was the release of the patient from acquired and senile diseases. The patient feels great to this day. He is healthy, vigorous, energetic, and feels young and strong. This case is described in the journal Life Research 2019.
https://www.tmrjournals.com/lr/EN/10.12032/life2019-1025-201 (this publication notes a case of recovery/treatment of a patient with stage 4 liver cancer, with the concomitant disease type 2 diabetes.)

Digital correction is also effective in removing a person from the final stage of life/exploitation of the body (before the death of a person). We can change the programs of ontogenesis of a person before the onset of death and restore his body to a normal state, in order to extend the life of a person for another 25-30 years. The recovery period of such a patient, from a near-death state to an active one, can last up to 1.5 years, depending on the state of the body and the degree of deterioration of the body.

Currently, and in the near future, the majority of the planet’s inhabitants need the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Prevention of COVID-19, using a mobile application, will be relevant for people in all countries, especially in those countries where there is no health infrastructure.

Patient Photo 1

Patient Photo 2

Patient Progression







Our digital correction programs are very convenient to use through the mobile application. The cost of the service will not exceed US $1-1.5 at a time, and prevention and treatment will not exceed US $30 per person. The photos here are of the patient in 2015. Triple photo of a patient in 2019, where the difference between the first and second images is 4 months or minus 62.7 kg, minus type 2  diabetes, minus grade 3 obesity, minus peripheral vascular atherosclerosis, minus leg and foot edema, minus steatohepatosis, minus arterial hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. The difference between the second and third photos is 2 months (Nov. 18, 2019), where the work of all systems of the patient’s body has stabilized. After our procedures, the patient’s life changed dramatically. Now, he is young, healthy, strong, and energetic.

Next, my double photo of 2018-2019. In the first photo of 2018, my weight was 125 kg. I suffered from hypertension, steatohepatosis, frequent headaches, apnea, suffocated when climbing stairs, had a pre-diabetic condition, ached joints and spine in the lower back, had a high level of cholesterol in the blood, etc. (Aortic atherosclerosis and the consequences of two myocardial infarctions were cured by myself with the help of our technology in 2014).

Yurii’s transformation

In the second photo of 2019, I am doing sports. There are no health complaints. There are no side effects.

We are currently working on programs to correct the external cover (skin) of human. We deliberately delay the readiness of these programs for serious reasons. In the existing digital correction programs, we have laid down an algorithm for slow skin regeneration to preserve the aesthetics of the appearance of patients after losing weight.

Now I will answer the question about the relationship between aging, the environment, and the pandemic.

Of course, there is a connection between the aging process, the environment, and COVID-19.  Sorry, but we did not investigate the connection between these processes and I cannot answer. We are engaged in restoration/rejuvenation of the human body, regardless of its illness, place of residence, and living conditions.

Q:  What is your research telling us that we are missing or should learn from this pandemic that will aid in the human ability to combat this kind of illness from taking over?

A:  Our research shows that the restoration and rejuvenation of the human body is a reality.  However, it is difficult for people to believe in this reality since it does not fit into their usual civilizational format of thinking and processing information. It is also difficult for people to believe that living natural processes are actively involved in their lives, which can change the population of people and stop the mindless activities of people in relation to the planet on which they live. Living natural processes are not heroes of religious cults; they are something else. Overpopulation of the planet is also disastrous for the future of the human population. A viral pandemic is not the worst thing that could happen. Biological species on the planet are very vulnerable during evolutionary transitions, and they need mandatory prevention from coronavirus infections, including COVID-19. It is also worth considering expanding official research areas and funding them. For example, research by Sir Roger Penrose and Anirban Bandyopadhyay on the quantum properties of the brain. Another example is the brilliant citizen of the planet Earth, Mr. Elon Musk, who, himself earns money to finance projects to develop and improve the human population, but he cannot always pay for all of humanity. It is not yet known what viruses can get to us from space. Modern scientist Michael Levin is working on a project to restore lost limbs and is making progress. Michael Fossel and Markus Buehler will soon change the picture of medical care in the treatment of complex and fatal diseases, including COVID-19. They all need support and funding. Currently, there are technologies for human reconstruction that can be compared with space technologies. These technologies are able to defeat viral pandemics and significantly increase the lifespan (exploitation of the body) of a person. The development of science will accelerate the development of people. Only mental development will preserve the population of intelligent people. Laggards will not be able to survive its evolution.

* Ontogenesis is the individual development of an organism. In the course of ontogenesis, the process of realization genetic information received from parents and unique individual program data of a new organism, characteristic of each biophysical object of any size (human, animal, etc.)

Yurii’s Networking Interests:

  • Elon Musk about the application of Yurii’s technology in the research of the Neuralink company (the creation of non-invasive direct brain-computer communication with using quantum mechanics, using compact devices and our technology).
  • Investor partner interested in supporting further development.


Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/yurii-pozniak-3419536b

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