Your Opportunities for Impact: 19th Edition on Sustainable Development in Africa

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Dr. Osita Aniemeka

Producing the 19th edition of Frontrunners Innovate on Self-Sustaining Continent-African Innovations for Development was a labor love for myself and Dr. Osita Aniemeka.  The people who shared stories of impact and offered suggestions and ideas on how to achieve sustainable development are remarkable.  

Normally, about a week after we release a new edition of the magazine, we put up a posting of the connections we see between the leaders and problem-solvers that we featured in that edition, but, I thought we might change it up, and here’s one of the reasons that made me think we should:

I recently heard from someone featured in this edition whose “lock-down” status due to the coronavirus has substantially reduced the income in their 6-person home in Africa. He’s not had a salary for 2 months. Motivation and spirit are low and fear over what’s to come is overwhelming.  The suggestions we offered back on how he might be able to improve his particular situation came directly from the pages of this edition, and it involves connection…3 connections.  We’re nothing if not solution-oriented.

Here, I’ll list for you just a few of the specific opportunities to create your own impact directly from the magazine (links to the articles included) Pass it along:

  • School Pacific TV — TV-learning instigated in Kenya needs funds to get back on air to ensure education continues.  Support if you can; very impactful right now.
  • Sanivation in Kenya has introduced a toileting system there which is changing hygiene habits for the better.  Jane, who runs the program in Kenya, was brought on board through a Rotaract Club (partners with Rotary Club). If you are a Rotary Club member – you can alert your club to this effort and perhaps provide some support that could help them expand (in kind, mentoring, or financial).  Hygiene is so important, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, in the 19th edition, Dissan in Uganda and Joshua Amponsem of Ghana might connect with Jane relative to her efforts that impact hygiene and the “waste-transformed-to-energy” component of what Josh’s program and Jane’s both do. Expand!
  • Damilare Oyedele from Nigeria works with Library Aid Africa to advocate for the importance of libraries to education and thus, improve community-wide economic development.  This effort opens the door to anyone who has a program that could collaborate and/or has books of different African languages they could donate.  A collaborative with a museum or a partnership with another library or similar org. could impact greatly. 
  • Y Combinator Startup School mentioned by Pascal Finette on our “Think Tank” page in the 19th edition is a phenomenal and free resource for any startup.  Education, networking, and opportunities for grants included.  
  • Just about everyone on the “Think Tank” page and Dr. Aniemeka should gather and connect more people to expand the ideas and suggestions brought forward through the quotes on that page. There were enough people quoted who had ties to the African Union and other bodies of importance that it seems a waste not to use those pearls of wisdom in a meaningful way.
  • Lillian Onyegbulam, Ag Economist believes that a planned farmer education program across the continent that centers around mechanized farming and entrepreneurship would make a huge difference to sustainable development.  If you are involved in a farming organization and/or knew of some online education that could be translated into African languages, how great would that be!  Or, you could put together a mentoring pool or even a product or service that would boost the industry.  Solution worth presenting.

    These are only a few opportunities — the 19th edition is full of them.  Peruse at the top banner and check out the different solutions these amazing people are building.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination or even resources to create real impact that feeds directly into sustainable development in Africa.  During this particularly challenging time of our lives, doing something to help a continent struggling to grow would make you a hero.  Stay safe.


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