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Publicity & Visibility:

Videos - Interviews - Adverts - Articles - Directory Listings

Impact doesn’t hide; it needs to be seen for lots of reasons:

  • Brings people to your site and social channels
  • Informs people of your products, services, projects, events
  • Helps you secure funding
  • Helps you attract connections to expand your network of resources
  • Helps you connect with others in your space
  • Helps you connect with sponsors and business leads
  • Helps you attract more visibility (articles, podcasts, awards)

So, as your support partner, we’re all about helping you achieve some “viz.”  Here’s how:

Feature Interview by Invitation:  

During the course of our getting to know you as a new Frontrunners League member, if we see a fit within our community, we will invite you to be featured.  There will be no charge for this invitation-only interview, but, we won’t construct the interview utilizing specific advertisement, sales language, or content.  We will talk about your background and your work.  This generally is a 20-minute Zoom-recorded video interview, loaded to YouTube and embedded into Frontrunners Innovate.  

Our interview with legendary NBA player Cuttino Mobley and his business associates to talk about his background, interests, and charity work.

Paid Interview:

Advertisement interview where the conversation will be specifically about your product/service/project with pricing and other details.  This is generally a 20-minute Zoom-recorded video interview, loaded to YouTube and embedded into Frontrunners Innovate.  Should you wish us to use your own content for the same purpose, please contact us.

Business Directory Listing:

Directory listings on Frontrunners Innovate are made available to League or non-League members.  If you aren't currently a League member, your membership will be rolled into the fee for the listing.  You will submit your listing content to us after a brief call to inform you what is needed for your listing.  A one-time fee will secure your spot which is searchable on the site and via search engines.  Set up your meeting here.  The directory has been in place for over a year and gets good views from searchers.  If you’d rather join the League first and then inquire about a listing, here’s where to start.

Note:  As a League member, we may also offer you other avenues for visibility, such as hosting your own topic-specific channel on the Frontrunners Innovate platform.  We may also ask you to contribute relevant content or guest interview someone who fits well into your space. Contact us here.