Frontrunner Event: Virtual Courtesy Meet-up with the Relentless Dean Stott

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Meet Dean Stott, Wed, April 29, 2020 – 12:00 pm-1:00 pm eastern

Courtesy event sponsored by REMO (Meeting platform)


Dean Stott is one of those amazingly talented people who didn’t start out knowing how relentless he was. In fact, quite the opposite. His story starts with being told what he wasn’t.

Dean Stott with Special Forces buddy, HRH Prince Harry

The impact he’s accomplished through his military career with Special Forces in the UK literally in situations too scary for us to imagine is remarkable. But, Dean would tell you that it was all in a day’s work. What he’s learned through his experience is what has helped him master the art of being relentless toward a goal. (And, wait until you hear what’s next.  Maybe he’ll share that with you during the event.)

The “impossible” for Dean becomes a military mission; it involves strategic thinking and impeccable planning. This humble hero has not only a riveting story to tell but, take-aways for all of us on setting and winning challenges that create a magnificent impact.

Join Dean for his journey during a 45-minute presentation with a few minutes for Q & A.

This event is free, so invite others. Prior to the event:  you’ll need to also register as a REMO user on the Remo platform.  (Info given when you register for the event – hit the register link in red below).  You can check out the REMO platform video.  It’s likely the coolest event platform you’ve ever experienced.  Set up just like a room with tables and chairs, you can move virtually from table to table, hover over anyone at your table, see their Linkedin profile link, and even request a private meeting if they’ve linked their scheduling platform.  Perfect for large gatherings.



Just in case you can make the event but would like to purchase Dean’s book, you can do so on Amazon.




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