Vijay Srivastava Connects Entrepreneurship to Employability for Dignified Livelihood Solutions

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Vijay Srivastava has a Human Resources and Management background which was a perfect motivator for him to found the International Academy of Entrepreneurship and Employability (IAEE).  The organization is a world-class humanitarian institution of members working on projects related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UN Charter 2015. From his headquarters in the UK, Srivastava also founded the India chapter of IAElocal and the MeMi Club, a global community under the same IAElocal umbrella. This busy guy is all about helping others to create good, sustainable livings and to understand wealth building along the way.

Vijay shares his story and how he works to impact entrepreneurs with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Vijay Srivastava.  (27-min video)



Serve & Save Humanity with IAEEGlocal Worldwide Family

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