Viaquant Predicts Market Moves and Ethically Trades its Own Crypto

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Viaquant is a private cryptocurrency trading company focused on chart analysis and predictive models to predict market moves in either direction. Founded and managed by Chris Conant and Ryan Bolks, this unique organization trades its own crypto utilizing the brilliant analytical prowess of Ryan Bolks whose predictions have proven high accuracy.

In this conversation with Ryan and Chris, we learn the ethical foundation on which the company operates, and how people can get involved.

Special thanks to Blockchain Chamber of Commerce leader and fintech expert, Linda Goetze for serving as co-host with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek.

Meet Chris Conant and Ryan Bolks

Ryan Bolks’ Bio

Ryan Bolks, 24, is a co-Founder, Manager, and Main Trader for Viaquant Partners LLC. He has been a Cryptocurrency trader for over six years.

Mr. Bolks graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Finance from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK, with an emphasis on Predictive Analytics.

Mr. Bolks’ best trading year was the fall of 2020 when his October 2020 – May 2021 portfolio (50 different cryptocurrency tokens) made an average of 1,040% each. Mr. Bolks has a positive track record of calls beginning June 2020 that are posted on Viaquant One Hub due diligence site. Mr. Bolks’ record of calls from April 2021 to the present can be followed on TradingView (Viaquant). TradingView is an excellent gauge of Ryan’s capacity to make conservative, insightful trades because any posted positions and calls are permanently recorded and uneditable. Many of the chart calls made by Bolks’ predictive analytic processes are solidly accurate, impressively within 1% of the market price, showing that he knows when to long and short the market for maximum profit regardless of whether the market is predisposed to go up or down.

Bolks’ passion is for trading and using his knowledge and experience to increase and impact the wealth of others. Bolks has a fondness for teaching and sharing his views on the markets so that others are able to learn. He is Christ-focused and driven to make Viaquant a success for not only himself but each partner that is involved.

Previous to trading, Mr. Bolks achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, was a National Youth Leadership Training Fellow and received the Senior Accounting Award at Lincoln Christian School.

Chris Conant’s Bio

Spanning a 20-year career in branding, design, and software technology, Chris founded, developed, and sold three marketing and technology agencies; led over 100 employees and contractors; and
developed over 600 web, PR, and branding projects. Chris used the profits for impact giving and for
investing in multi-family and commercial buildings.

Chris is an author and speaker, and has amassed a large network of CEOs. For his work, in 2015, he
was awarded the Infinitely Beyond Award by Convene, and later a Lifetime Achievement Award
from the Dubai Family Office Conference in 2021.
He started several investment funds for investors interested in wireless power, re-insurance,
international bank SBLCs, crowdfunding, and crypto projects. Chris has invested his own money and
in total raised over $50M for two dozen private equity and lending projects. He remains passionate
to steward capital and support CEOs and start-ups with excellence.

More recently he started a chipset farm. The chipset units are rented out to data center clients,
warranted for long-term performance and have successfully produced 48% annual run-rates of
crypto return.

Another recent investment for Chris is in Viaquant Partners, a US-based cryptocurrency trading
company using technical analysis to predict and profit from market moves going up or down.
“I look for people who are looking for us. That is, values-aligned people seeking an easy onramp
into crypto, that can also be used as a funding mechanism for their projects. The goal of Viaquant
Partners is to grow, conservatively and compliantly while using the best: the best wallet security,
processes, exchange accounts, liquidity, and operating teams capable of managing at scale.”

Chris graduated from CSUN with a BA in Communications and a Seminary Diploma from VLI. He is
the author of several white papers and co-author of Resurrection Monday, a testimony co-written
with his wife, Nancy. They have two lovely daughters and two really cool sons-in-law.

Chris Conant and Ryan Bolks Contacts

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Special Thanks to Our Co-host: Linda Goetze, M.Ed.

Linda Goetze

An educator and connector, Linda Goetze, M.Ed., has been engaged with blockchain and emerging technology since 2012. She is a Co-Founder of DFM Data Corp., Inc., and serves on the DFMDC Steering Committee to ensure equitable governance.

One of a handful of women in the US certified as a Master Data Quality Manager by the Electronic Commercial Code Management Association, Linda has actively worked on ISO 8000 master data standards and is facilitating the responsible use of cutting-edge technologies for the betterment of humanity. Linda previously led the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce as its first female CEO and currently serves as Vice President of the Board of the BCC Foundation.

A member of Mensa and proud mother of boy/girl twins, she left traditional employment behind after spending 13 years as an award-winning educator. Advising several projects and funds, Linda “leads to serve” and supports a number of nonprofits including her favorite charity,


Mary Kurek

President, Frontrunners Development, Inc.
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