Ukrainian Natallia Karpenko Partners with Powerful Women International Connections to Assist Ukraine

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Ukrainian-born Natallia Karpenko returned to the US in February 2022 just before the war erupted. Still unable to leave Ukraine, her family moved to another, hopefully, safer location. Natallia, who is already familiar with charity organizational structures and has a marketing background in the healthcare industry, has been organizing fund drives and orchestrating proper channels to ensure assistance gets to the right sources for distribution.

Valeri Bocage, Founder/CEO, Powerful Women International Connections

A connector from the Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC) network, introduced Natallia to the founder, Valeri Bocage, and from there, the story of a partnership unfolds with efforts to expand the impact to help Ukrainian women and families currently living in cold bomb shelters.  Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC) is a company that connects, educates, and collaborates with women humanitarian leaders to make a Bigger Impact in society.  PWIC Global Impact was founded as a nonprofit to build sustainable communities and improve lives.

Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek (a PWIC member) recorded this conversation with the two partners to share on 2022 International Women’s Day not only as a tribute to the influence and power women can have when collectively directed, but as a call to action for the global sisterhood to engage with voices, assistance, and prayers.

Meet Natallia Karpenko and Valeri Bocage.  (26-minute video)

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Natallia Karpenko’s Short Bio:

Nataliia Karpenko is a Ukrainian who moved to the USA in 2010, building her career in IT and health care innovations. She was actively involved with the Silicon Valley startups ecosystem since 2013 by consulting SaaS, wearable, hardware startups, and corporate on go-to-market and product strategy. For a couple of years, Nataliia led the volunteering organization addressing the homeless crisis in the Bay Area. Nataliia is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, a board member at Fashion Community Week in San Francisco. At the moment Nataliia is working at Meta. She resides in Marin, Bay Area with her husband Geoff.

Nataliia’s parents and her entire family are based in Ukraine. The horrible Russian War in Ukraine has been the worst nightmare for the Ukrainian nation. Nataliia is very passionate about helping Ukrainian women and mothers to find the path to safety and empowering them to rebuild their life. Together with her sister Kateryna Karpenko, a food innovation entrepreneur and lawyer from Odesa, Ukraine, they are coordinating the humanitarian relief programs in Ukraine.  

Partnering with Valeri Bocage and Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC) global impact non-profit, they are launching the Fundraiser for Women in Ukraine on March 8th – International Women Day!   

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