One To Watch: Tim Fitzpatrick (Health Tech)

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Tim Fitzpatrick
Co-Founder and CEO, IKONA Health, US

Why This Focus of Impact:
Tim Fitzpatrick is definitely “one to watch” in health tech over the next year. 
Tim co-founded IKONA Health because of his experiences as a VA patient while serving in the US Navy. After eighteen months filled with several back surgeries and hundreds of painful wound care treatments, Tim became deeply aware of the role uncertainty plays in affecting a patient’s health outcomes. Following his recovery, Tim spent two years as an equities trader for a bank on Wall Street, where he was responsible for companies in the technology and media sectors. It was through this role that he began to see the potential of emerging technologies like AI, virtual, and augmented reality in shaping the future of information delivery. Building on his co-founders’ research on clinical applications of virtual reality, Tim launched IKONA Health to help tackle the uncertainties he once faced through immersive patient education and provider training.  
Tim was interviewed by Mary Kurek, Editor/Publisher of The Introducer about his story.  Here’s the 12.41 zoom recording.

  • Built a diverse and highly-capable team of clinicians, patients, researchers, scientists, technologists, creators,and filmmakers
  • Forged hardware, software, and data analytics partnerships with leading technology companies including Google, Samsung, and NVIDIA
  • IKONA has worked with accelerators and incubators including VentureHive, MATTER, and NVIDIA’s Inception Program for companies revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and deep learning

    Tim talking about digital health with healthcare innovators.

Looking Ahead:

The IKONA team is going to be focused on serving the chronic care, post-acute and senior care populations going forward.  Subscriptions and content will be focused on supporting patient decision making and training senior caregivers.  Beyond its work in assisted living, retirement communities, and home health agencies, IKONA hopes to support family caregivers at home, where Americans are providing almost $500 billion per year in unpaid care and need training support.

Networking Interests:
  • Health tech innovators with experience implementing VR services in a post-acute or home setting
  • Senior care or chronic care industry leaders and advocates who have an interest in supporting caregivers with VR
  • Thought leaders or innovators in the aging space with an interest in technology’s role in supporting older adults and their caregivers